Its Time to Light the Lights

We coined the phrases “makeitupaswegoalongery” and “applied muppetry” partly in jest. (“Muppet” is a phrase I often self apply and my eldest son is even called “El Muppetto Grande”).

They do however fairly accurately encapsulate our regular and often bemused interactions with the LSC. If the terms carry a little bit of an edge this is only because of the frustration such happenings cause us and our client firms, wasting time and causing unnecessary panic. I for instance have just lost 30 minutes of my life on an issue which the instigator at the Commission has, seemingly, no interest in getting to the bottom of and resolving. It has caused greater discomfort to the clients on whom it directly impacts.

I am asked by the firm not even to mention the detail of the matter to hand, to avoid identification, of ALL involved. By way of example however its a bit like being told that the standard fee for petitioner divorce has been reduced, from today, by £50, without any forewarning and in contradiction to all references in Contract.

It is likely that this is just a mistake, i.e. only “muppetry” – however I, and a couple of greater minds than my own, have now done our standard double take, just in case we have missed something. We are now certain we have not.

If this was a firm…. Contract Notice……

By small increments of this type do my days pass me by.

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