Return of the CLAC?

Strangely, with only a couple of months to go till LASPO Contracts, the LSC have again, seemingly, branched out into advice provision. They have tried doing Crime via the failed Public Defenders Service but now they feel that they have sufficient, in-house, specialist Employment Law expertise to pass judgement on the efficacy of Contracts of Employment. One imagines that their SQM Supervisor can’t quite complete a self-declaration checklist, but what the heck.

This is not the first time they have rejected a proposed Duty Solicitor on the basis that the supplied Contract is “unacceptable”. Now, as you have guessed, I don’t think they are competent to pass such a judgement, I know I am not and I used to be a Franchise Supervisor in the category. Frankly I don’t think they can even ask for disclosure of such documents – which are probably “main terms and conditions” and not “contracts” in any event*. (I may well be wrong on that but at least I have no illusions about the scope of my professional competence). And what if you simply say “We have a verbal Contract, Mr/s X is employed by us 2 days a week”?

The firm deciding to disclose, “to avoid harming our relationship”, has now lost a Duty slot from January.

Given LASPO there might be any number of tricky employment matters about which you now need professional advice, pick up the phone and talk to your Contract Manager!


*Top Tip: LSC staff at least check out the ACAS website before pretending to be an employment lawyer

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