We bloggers, tweeted and sent out a Alert on this point in the last week. The redux: New applicants for Civil contracts need an SQM audit PDQ.

Started So I’ll Finish 

It is not just the volume of calls and enquiries but the variety that has been today’s most startling feature. It has been a bit like being in the Mastermind chair having selected “The operation of the Legal Aid Scheme in England And Wales” as your specialist subject. On that program you can’t have your […]

Return of the Webinar 

We are restarting the webinar programme this month with 3 Friday sessions in February; 1st & 22nd February The 2013 Civil Contract This is a much demanded course covering the main changes that will come about as a result of LAPSO. In addition to the reduction in scope of Legal Aid, especially in Family, we […]


Thought I would put up a song from something I intend to buy the next time I am in a record shop (if I can find one). These include the new CDs from “Everything Everything” and “I am Kloot”. I cannot however choose between them and so have opted for this instead; a lovely, retro […]


As we have discussed here before today is the “verification deadline” for 2013 Contracts. If you read the link you will see that we don’t entirely agreed with this assertion however, it is wise to treat it as such and to get your responses in today. If phone and e-mail traffic so far today is […]

Lunch Break 

Broke off from the self verification of files to do a Mediation ITT on the E-portal. That was nice and simple. Now back to SV files.

Good News 

Phew a nice man at the LSC gave us (an entirely reasonable) extension to our most pressing deadline. And relax – for 5 minutes

No Change 

Please see yesterdays post. Andy and Helen have also been dragged into this too now

Radio Silence 

130 Self review files in 7 archive boxes – 2 days to complete. Talk soon

Same Old Same Old 

Chris Grayling is continuing with his recent theme of bashing defence costs in the Criminal Justice system. We have had the traditional Fat Cat Lawyers attack and before that “taxpayers money wasted” on undeserving defendants in high cost cases. Now it is the turn of the “unnecessary use of a QC”. Can I be bothered….. […]