On Bidding 

There has been quite a bit of discussion regarding “over-subscription” in the 2013 bids currently being notified to firms. This has focused on the viability of contracts with restricted numbers of Matter Starts (NMS), and the underlying policy aim of the LSC. To deal with viability, and considering family, NMS are not really the key […]

Knock Me On The Head 

You know I don’t like static “videos” but this is both new and very good, from longterm favourites Stornaway. You can see them on Teesside in Feb but apparently only a very few tickets left.

Make it So 

I fully appreciate that statements of this kind must, by their very nature, be fairly anodyne. They are by necessity tight summaries, addressed to multiple audiences and cannot speak to the detail desired by any particular interest. It’s an annual message we expect and cannot reasonably criticise. I did however spot these two points; An […]