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You know what to do when the villain enters stage left don’t you?

Right, start hissing.

We have been asked a few questions concerning this from the contract notification letters people have been receiving;

Please provide all the requested information to us no later than 25 January 2013 via the eTendering message board for Family Services.

Failure to provide us with the requested information via the eTendering message board for Family Services will result in no Contract being issued to you.

Our client’s assumption has been that this is a final, immovable deadline. It is easy to read it that way. In fact it is a cleverly worded passage designed to give that impression, whilst being in contradiction with Section 5.4 of the FAQ document and, more importantly 9.21 of the IFA.

Verification is required to be completed by “Contract Start Date” i.e 1st April 2013.

DO respond by the 25th in any case.

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