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I have just finished what I believe to be very persuasive representations. Ultimately they run counter to my own views as to how the scheme should operate. It is one of those odd situations covered in the first paragraph of this post – where I share a level of understanding, if not sympathy, with the LSC.

The reason for the lack of sympathy is, once more, because the situation to hand (which, again, I would rather not detail) is directly attributable to one of their own wonky policy decisions; it is an LSC created problem which they are now arbitrarily taking out on one of our clients. It also now involves inflexible middle management lacking the confidence and/or self-awareness to admit a mistake. I anticipate that this approach will be continued the further down-the-line it goes, the LSC adjudicator making an assessment that the firm will not risk a JR, rather than doing the right thing.

So that’s another morning wasted.

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