Little Talks 

We have just booked back-to-back nights at the Somerset House Summer Series. We were going to make it 3 and see Of Monsters and Men, but it is sold out. On that basis here is something by them:


We were very pleased to see a positive outcome to this case. As ever what is demoralising is that it needed to go this far before “common sense”, as Rifat Mushtaq puts it, finally prevailed. It was obvious to the LSC, from the start, that something was not four square with this bid; furthermore they […]

Red Letter Day 

“The LSC would like to apologise” Yes you read that correctly “The LSC would like to apologise” It is to do with the (non) conduct of the UPOA Here is the key section The LSC will consider representations from solicitors who consider that they were caused an injustice as a result of the delay between […]

DV Evidence 

The main question we have been asked in the run up to the new LA scheme is with regard to “evidence of DV” for Private Law matters. Whilst we have been taking people through S.33/4 of the Procedure regs. here is some more practical guidance.

Writing Lists 

I am getting demob happy for my trip to Spain next week (just booked the car). As eve on these occasions I have written a list of essential outstanding matters and am steadily crossing them off, when not interrupted by new questions –a tricky Novation matter latterly. So far today I have been seeking advice […]


Seriously what is up with some people at the LSC? Firm 1 they have over a barrel over issue X that is proceeding, on a sensible timescale, to an appeal hearing. Impatience (or malice) however dictates that they cannot wait, prematurely, to move onto linked issue Y. They are acting procedurally improperly as they do […]

Last Orders at the Webinar 

We will be running our 2013 Civil Contract course one last time this Friday. For those who have missed it it is a sharp, 1-hour session concentrating of the central issues giving Legal Aid providers concern. The aim is to give you the central information necessary to switch to the new post LASPO world with […]


We have previously told training delegates that the CLS and CDS logos are not to be replaced and that you now can only say “contracted to the LAA” We have now been informed that there is a New Legal Aid logo which you can put on your letter head… HAT TIP Our very own Dean […]

Machineries of Joy 

As discussed last week there is a feast of good new releases at the moment, seemingly every week. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are well reviewed this morning and Laura Marling now has a May release date for her next. As exciting as all this is the best music news of the week is a decision […]


Unsurprisingly we have been receiving plenty of calls regarding “Contracts for Signature”. These have come from every angle, why have we not had one yet, will we get one for Mental Health, how does the IT work and what is the deadline? This news item answers a few, if not all, of those questions. Many […]