Red Letter Day

“The LSC would like to apologise”

Yes you read that correctly “The LSC would like to apologise”

It is to do with the (non) conduct of the UPOA

Here is the key section

The LSC will consider representations from solicitors who consider that they were caused an injustice as a result of the delay between national UPOA exercises. We will accept representations from solicitors who can show that;
• They contacted the LSC or Law Society about the 2006 exercise before 31 December 2008; and
• They were discouraged from pursuing the complaint by the Law Society, or were told by the LSC that they would be covered by any eventual settlement without needing to make a further complaint

Will do some more research into this when time permits.

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One comment on “Red Letter Day

  • Said through gritted teeth, after a report by an Organisation set up to investigate complaints against government departments and other public organisations.

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