Seriously what is up with some people at the LSC?

Firm 1 they have over a barrel over issue X that is proceeding, on a sensible timescale, to an appeal hearing. Impatience (or malice) however dictates that they cannot wait, prematurely, to move onto linked issue Y. They are acting procedurally improperly as they do so, with no obvious benefit.

Next up, why not just use sensible discretion and give Firm 2 a family contract? Its not like you are opening up a brand new, second PQQ for firms who completely missed the original deadline is it? You wouldn’t even be admitting the possibility of an IT glitch, just doing the decent thing and if the former is not precedent setting then how can the latter be?

There are sensible people there, why can’t they just stand up? (I know the answer)

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