Writing Lists

I am getting demob happy for my trip to Spain next week (just booked the car).

As eve on these occasions I have written a list of essential outstanding matters and am steadily crossing them off, when not interrupted by new questions –a tricky Novation matter latterly.

So far today I have been seeking advice on JR, submitted a Supervisor Dec. via the E-Portal and read a series of “hard ball” responses to a termination from the LSC.

Next I will, activate a Formal Review, write a generic point (Future PoP) on a costs appeal, look at another CCLF Validation exercise and do some prep for a couple of forthcoming CRB hearings.

There is loads of irritating admin in the background too.

This is holding me back from my own personal goal of the day, “In-House Training, Bingo”, about which I will post when I have 5 spare minutes.

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