Return of the Bottom Inspectors? 

When we trained on LASPO we commented on possible “compulsion” from the LSC with regard to their training events and resources. One client firm has just had a compliance visit covering this and another faces a much more explicit session shortly. In the latter the firm have been told, in advance, that they will need […]

Crimeline on PCT III 

Here is the early view of friend of this site Andrew Keogh from Crimeline. Make of it what you will! The paper is quite interesting in that the bid method proposed suffers from non of the complexity of the auction methods in the last one (incidentally the same auction methods used to fix gas prices […]

Transformer Webinars 

Yesterday our thinking about the “Transforming Legal Aid” consultation and webinars was to run our first of these on Friday 19th April. We still aim to do this. We have however has such a level of requests for something more immediate that we are going to rush release one for Friday coming, 12th April. The […]