Friday Webinar 

3rd May 2013 LASPO Frequently Asked Questions A month into the post LASPO Legal Aid scheme we intend to use this weeks session to take delegates through the common problems firms have encountered. We have been busy on the telephone advice lines and now have some further guidance from the LAA, so we aim to […]

Artificial Intelligence 

We have commented previously on the MoJ’s flawed procurement of Interpretation services. I will save you another rehash of the story. The House of Commons Public Accounts Cttee trashed the exercise in a recent report describing the MoJ as not being an “intelligent customer”. The solution to this failure is described here. Now in the […]

Sotto Voce 

For the first time in ages we are NOT in headless chicken mode at JRS HQ. The appeals board shows nothing requiring completion this week and comparatively distant deadlines on the outstanding ones. We have also got over the “bulge in the costs drafting pipe” and are back to a turnaround time with which we […]