Have loved The Lake Poets ever since we saw them, on a Sunday night, at booze-free gig, in a tiny Middelsbrough tea shop. (Yes I am fully aware how implausible all of that sounds).

This is their most audacious recording to date and is just lovely.

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  • Thoughts During the Singing of a Beautiful Song

    WHILE my young cheek retains its healthful hues,
    And I have many friends who hold me dear,
    Linley! methinks I would not often hear
    Such melodies as thine, lest I should lose
    All memory of the wrongs and sore distress
    For which my miserable brethren weep!
    But should uncomforted misfortunes steep
    My daily bread in tears and bitterness,
    And if at death’s dread moment I should lie
    With no beloved face at my bedside,
    To fix the last glance of my closing eye,
    Methinks such strains, breathed by my angel guide,
    Would make me pass the cup of anguish by,
    Mix with the blest, nor know that I had died!

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