As Successful As We Can

In the run up to LASPO I expressed uncharacteristic sympathy for the poor souls at the LSC required to deliver their training. This followed a number of tales from delegates about their inability to answer the bulk of questions posed by the audience. Being dumped with this poisoned chalice by your line manager probably ranks alongside latrine duty in the army.

Surprisingly I find myself similarly sympathetic with the LAA Chief Exec faced with having to scribe something the of order of this.

The lack of anything to provide scope for a rallying call, or message of hope is obvious. The need therefore to resort to banalities and warm words, likewise. The single item of “good news” is limited to something many of you will not recognize anyway

“payment and processing is an area where a lot has been achieved already and we’ve been hitting our performance targets for the past 12 months”

Don’t blame the messenger. I live with a civil servant managing cuts, so I get it.

The closing sentence says it all:

I look forward to working with you to make the legal aid system as successful as we can

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