Legacy and Policy

I have no wish to become involved here in the discussions about the legacy of Margaret Thatcher. That is what the pub is for. It is however worth drawing one unequivocally lesson from these. Regardless of your view of her, or more importantly her Governments policies, what is clear is their irreversible, long-term impact.

That final phrase “irreversible, long-term impact” features very heavily in my thinking about the Transformation Consultation. Whilst the same is also true of LASPO, especially with regard to the NfP sector, the basic structure of Family supply has not been “consolidated”. Redefine scope and things will recover, perhaps slowly.

The PCT proposals carry no such hostage to fortune, rather they have a clear potentially irreversible, long-term impact.

Will the present Government soberly reflect on this element of their former leaders legacy and go on to reconsider their roles as guardians of access to justice?

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