LSC on Drugs (tests)

Scuffling with the LSC over bill “rejections” continues. Here they provide further “guidance”

I lift the headline section for your information.

Drug testing

When submitting your bill please provide a copy of the court order detailing what drugs have been ordered to be tested.
If the order does not provide the level of detail required please provide a copy of the attendance note of the hearing.

We expect this to confirm the agreement between the parties on what drugs were to be tested.

We understand some drug testing firms test for a range of drugs as standard. In these situations we require an explanation on why this approach was taken in your attendance note.

The position taken mirrors the approach taken when applying for a prior authority. Don’t understand – what position?

If you are unable to provide a copy of the order or attendance note this will be subject to a priority return.

Love the emboldened comment (emphasis ours) “Don’t understand – what position?” – obviously from someone copy checking the first draft and accidentally left in. Does this represent a “Priority return” too?

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