Post LASPO World

Well my first morning in the post LASPO world has largely involved the detritus of the previous era, and will continue to do so for some time. Primarily this involves a slack handful of procurement and audit decisions. We have a number of existential cases right now.

In the midst of these conversations and e-mails I have however now had my first LASPO scope phone enquiry. I imagine that this will be a common event in the near future though I am a little surprised that it took till after 11am to arrive.

If you get any merits rejections under the new regime can you let us know, we intend to monitor them and will be helping retained clients to appeal (where possible). Also remember that with the new “refusal and rejection” KPI you need to keep good monitoring data of any such failures – especially when the blame of this is on the part of LAA.

The date for the induction of the old CLS and CDS logos into Logo Hall of Fame has also been set for 30th June.

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