The Resistance

Another client has received the rather terse standard letter from the LAA announcing a LASPO visit from their Contract Manager. (He got the joke about the Bottom Inspectors too).

After a chat, in which I talked myself out of a nice fat fee, they have decided to say:

Was not possible to get to LSC courses do to work commitments. The value of these is limited in any event as you never answer questions. We will however eagerly await the FAQ document you always promise as an alternative.

I have just done the on-line sessions. (Last night on the iPod in front of the telly)

I will probably never do another Legal Help form as long as I am in practice. Nothing for you to see here, move along.

Thanks for coming out always nice to see you – shame about the FAS fees I have lost this morning engaged in this pointless charade.

You are in for a long stretch at a correctional institution – I replied

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