Useless Truckers? 

This is the first public comment we have seen regarding the departure mentioned in the foreword to the Friday Song, below. We post it as it is now in the public domain, is subject to rumours and you were going to see it sooner or later. Here and now however, is not the place to […]


We don’t often do requests for the Friday song but are going to today. Earlier in the week we were surprised to hear that longstanding friend of this site Tim Collins is resigning as Practice Director at No 6 Chambers, Park Sq Leeds. He has been pestering me to put this up for a while […]

Will Somebody Think of the Children? 

Last week we posted this request, from the BBC, for examples of people excluded from Legal Aid by LASPO. We got one straight away in the comments box. Since then I have come across at least two other unsolicited cases in which client firms of ours are trying to find funding. The first involves a […]

Avoiding an Avalanche 

Fortunately the anticipated avalanche of Immigration files did not transpire. Good job really because a range of unusual client enquiries showed up as an alternative Twitter distraction. First up was an Exceptional Case Funding enquiry – our first. As ever considering rules in a live case context is the best way to build a new […]

Call My Bluff 

Grayling has composed the following “spoiler” to the Save UK Justice petition. I think it might even have the opposite effect. “Under the proposals for reform of the criminal legal aid scheme that we are consulting on until 4 June, quality assured duty solicitors and lawyers would still be available – just as they are […]

Do It Again 

I was going to post this, the stand out track from the latest Vampire Weekend CD. But the video is just a car on fire and regulars will know that I don’t like static You Tube “videos”. To be honest it was not my first choice because I have been unable to get this, by […]

Back to the Gold Standard 

What is going on here? Is Grayling looking for a new “quality standard” over and above SQM/Lexcel and/or QM for the Bar? Or does he just not understand the 20-year quality assurance “experiment” we have all been through? Either seems possible, though generalized confusion and bad briefing by MoJ officials seems most likely of all. […]

Media Watch 

Unsurprisingly yesterdays pro Legal Aid events slipped from the media attention. The opening sentence of the Gazette’s report however does not appear to be hyperbole; In an unprecedented show of unity by the legal profession hundreds of barristers and solicitors came together yesterday to oppose the government’s proposed criminal legal aid cuts which they said […]

Video Killed.. 

Well what a strange day. Up early, woken, as ever, by BBC 5 Live who were running today’s “Justice for Sale” demo in London as the lead news item. This of course meant Grayling was interviewed and the resultant increase in blood pressure made turning over and having a doze impossible. I released the hounds […]

Hot Off The Press 

Last week we mentioned the “skeleton” Consultation response we are putting together for some of our clients. To be fair I have seen some much better more detailed ones however we have stuck to the brief of keeping it very short and leaving space for personalisation. (This proved quite hard). I you want a copy […]