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We just received this from an anonymous Yorkshire lawyer:

In a shocking turn of events I’m afraid that our battle against PCT is over!
I understand that the Bradford Magistrates Court has now decided that as of next week defence solicitors will no longer receive the benefit of the staff discount in the cafe. We are NOT staff we are a plague on society, lower in standing than all others.

CPS will still benefit from the staff discount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They play ball, we don’t. Allegedly.

My coffee will cost me 30p more per cup. When we factor this in with the reduced rates under PCT it makes the tender model even more financially unsustainable. How can we possibly tender when there is a clear pattern of defence bashing by the MOJ and now HM Courts Service.

Remember when we used to eat there, then the Magistrates didn’t want us there so we were banished to the three stools in a square metre of standing area. Then we were welcomed back because no money was being spent. Some of you will remember the days when coffee and toast was available on a Green Form. Now unfortunately you cannot even include it in you SMP submission.

I vote we all boycott the cafe. I suggest we hold a training day on the 23/5/13, in London, to discuss it. Only the duty solicitor will cover work but we all have to chip in for the thermos of coffee.

Your thoughts please.

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