Industrial Relations

“Industry” can be defined as:

Large-scale production
Widespread activity
Hard work

A suggested synonym of “Diligence” is also provided.

Surely this is something we can all be in favour of.

Well you’d have thought so, but over the years a pejorative use of the word has developed. You are most likely to have come across this usage when appended to, say, “Race Relations”; the Race Relations Industry being the self-created, self-serving liberal busybodies who now live like kings on the back of equality legislation.

So when you use it in this manner you imply unnecessary, almost illicit, artificially-generated activity without which the world would assuredly be a better place.

It was widely reported that, at TLS meeting with Grayling on Wednesday, the MoJ, perhaps even Grayling himself, summarised their stance as follows:

“The Legal Aid industry must be reshaped”

When those in power regard the Professionals who represent the poor in this way, you know you are in trouble.

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