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Unsurprisingly yesterdays pro Legal Aid events slipped from the media attention. The opening sentence of the Gazette’s report however does not appear to be hyperbole;

In an unprecedented show of unity by the legal profession hundreds of barristers and solicitors came together yesterday to oppose the government’s proposed criminal legal aid cuts which they said would ‘destroy the fabric of the criminal justice system’.

It is to be hoped that the unanimity can be maintained.

With the media spotlight on the sector, finally, some journalists have spotted that there is a developing story of injustice going on here. So much so that they are now seeking contributions to this proposed documentary.

Our experience leads us to believe that there will not be a Civil of Family firm out there without a story to tell.

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  • i have been assisting with a child sexual molestation case, the children involved are just 5 years of age. The molestation took place at school during class hours. The school seem to be in denial, mother has made every attempt to seek an arrangement with them via the complaints procedures but is now at a loss. I advised her to seek legal advice from education law solicitors as this is not my area of speciality, but despite being on a low income/maternity pay, legal aid is not available. I am at a loss as to how to help, we have contacted the FRU, Bar Pro Bono etc but to no avail. The situation is sadly too common in our schools with those who should be dealing with the issues immediately do not in fear of recriminations via ofsted etc. Appalling situation. No money – No justice for the little girl, her family, or even for the offender child.

  • That is appalling. Are you forwarding it to the BBC?

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