Invisible Empire 

I quite liked her “difficult second album” whilst most didn’t. Then she dipped under my radar. Now K T Tunstall, best remembered for the solo, looped “Black Horse and A Cherry Tree”, is back with spectacular new CD. Here is half-of-the-title track:

Urgent Diary Date 

Just as I am half-way ready to go on hols I get news of an event I dearly want to go to but will not be able to. Called “A Wake For Justice” It is going to be held at Holy Trinity, Leeds from 7pm next Thursday the 7th The reason for the event is […]

Mystic Meg 

I am having a short break from about lunchtime today – this time for foreign travel. I try and encourage the others to blog, but they are either too busy or not that bothered, or both. I also appreciate how annoying holiday snaps etc. are when you are trapped at work. So it might be […]

Lies and Statistics 

The e-petition, which will force a Parliamentary debate over the “Transforming Legal Aid” proposals, is now close to the 100K target. If you know anyone who has not signed, give them a gentle shove. Earlier in the month I linked to an article on the subject by a non-lawyer Amongst his conclusions was the following […]


I have mentioned this stuff twice recently The occasional, well considered and properly written up ICA determination does not however reverse the general trend referred to – especially regarding initial LAA decisions. I raise the “culture and values” theme yet again because I had my first occasion to delve into the post LASPO “Appeals Manual” […]

Reopening for Business 

We have been turning away new Costs Drafting clients for a while now whilst we expanded the team and got on top of a big, historic backlog. So if you have previously received a polite “sorry we can’t help right now” or are simply interested in trying out our “unique premium, cradle to grave service”, […]

Finally on Friday 

Finally get a chance to have a browse through Keogh on Criminal Costs – going straight to Quasi-Criminal Proceedings. It tells you a lot that this is what is considered a fun Friday afternoon at JRS


Fancy some cracking, disco-infused pop, performed in outrageous costumes on a preposterous epic landscape? It is my pleasure to give you Empire of the Sun. They were good in a previous incarnation, The Sleepy Jackson, too.

Breaking the Code 

The seemingly never ending deluge of bad decision making at the LAA continues, leaving misery in its wake. One expects that those making, or at least communicating these determinations know this; in one received this week there was a tacit acceptance that the ICA decision was, as we suggested, perverse, this being said with a […]

All In It Together 

A fortnight ago we posed the following question to the Government And you only instruct Junior Counsel at Legal Aid rates? Today we received something of an answer. First forget the issue of the rates; they are still higher than most Legal Aid, are not standard fees and the CV and fee enhancement of being […]