Joining the Dots

For Stobart’s their recent ABS license for “One Legal”, represents the ‘final piece in the jigsaw to offer a one-stop shop’.

Given the criticism of solicitors implicit in Stobart Barrister’s USP, (bypass wastefull GP Solicitors and go direct to an “Expert”), there might well be some shop floor friction. Perhaps describing it as a department store with competing concessions might be closer to the mark?

For us interested observers however it is the first heads popping up above the parapet, which are most compelling. The Stobart related names we pretty much knew, so most noteworthy is the answer to the question – who will be One Legal’s Head of Legal Practice?

It turns out that this will be Barrister Tim Edge of Deans Court Chambers in Manchester. Now there has been much speculation as to the Chambers linked to their Barristers initiative…….

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