Letter from a JRS Fieldworker

Dear all

The SRA are once again requiring firms to conduct a diversity survey. Firms do not have any choice in the matter.

Firms are required to collect, report and, this time, publish workforce diversity data about the make-up of their workforce.

This time the SRA is not providing an online survey tool for staff to complete. All they have done is provide a Word questionnaire
template. I have adapted the template and attach it herewith should any firms require one. I’ve had one request already. There will be more.

Firms must give every individual in their workforce an opportunity to complete the survey however there is no obligation on them to complete

Once the surveys have been completed, the firm needs to aggregate the workforce and report it to the SRA, broken down by the specified role categories. Firms must report their data on the Organisation Diversity Data page of my SRA by 31 January 2014.

Firms should consider how to publish the aggregated data.

Any questions give me a ring.



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