Beggar in the Morning 

Spent a magical evening in the company of Canadian 4 piece The Barr Brothers last night. They opened with this song in a set which ranged between ice brittle Bluegrass to foot stomping Blues. And yes they did have a full sized harp on the stage of the Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough. They have 6 […]

A Different Type of Reject 

This seems important and indicative of the LAA opening up a new front – this time on the rejection of applications for Legal Aid. This bit on CFAs particularly so: CIVAPP1 and CFA – the question about conditional fee agreements (page 8) has changed following the implementation of LASPO and the new merits regulations. It […]

Back In Time 

I am now going back to 2008 – see you later.


If I am boring you with this topic imagine what it is like for us at JRS. We are getting it from all sides; directly on bills we have drafted (fortunately only a small but infuriating minority), down the Free Advice lines, via the fieldwork team helping firms establish risk management procedures and it requiring […]

Cross My Palm With Silver 

A comment popped up yesterday suggesting we run a website dedicated to the “reject” issue. There seems no real reason as this continues to dominate everyone’s agenda, as is reflected here. The first live issue of the day was, unsurprisingly, another cracker accompanied, as ever, with all the usual implied threats of contract sanctions. The […]

Issue of the Day 

If an issue is plaguing us it is surely having the same impact upon you. So far today we have been notified of 2 LAA rejections The first involves a bill £67 over the £2,500 assessment threshold. They have discretion to assess but have declined and rejected. This will now require the preparation of a […]

The Webinar Returns 

In case you missed this news whilst on holiday the Webinar comes back to its Friday lunchtime slot in a couple of weeks, after a longer than usual lay off. As ever we aim to be topical and the first one will deal with the issue of Civil Bills “Rejects” – the current micro management […]

Break it to you Gently 

At any one time there is usually a CD which stubbornly refuses to let others get any airtime. Right now this is “Desire Lines” by Camera Obscura. Here is another summer hit from the album.

No Funding 

This from the Gazette is very interesting, do have a read It is however not what you might think – an assault on the restricted scope of Legal Aid post LASPO. Rather it is about means assessment rules, expressly interest in non-liquid assets – here overseas property. ‘There is I am told, no other basis […]

“Back to School” Webinars 

After a long summer, and PCT Consultation, engendered lay off the Friday webinar returns 20th September 2013 Avoiding Civil Bill Rejects We return with a topic causing pain to many of you, the aggressive monitoring of your “rejected” Civil claims. With threatening letters flying and Contract Managers stalking their providers offices – this looks like […]