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We have been copied in on a long email exchange between Tim Collins of No 6 Chambers and the powers that be. With the formers permission here is his final salvo (Some names have been changed):

Dear “The Powers That Be”

Thank your further e-mail dated 26 July 2013. Unfortunately, simply repeating the same points yet again fails to answer the underlying question – does the PDS offer the tax payer value for money?

In your most recent reply you claim: “the PDS have participated in the flexible courts policy in Wales”. May I ask whether independent firms also participated and what was the unique learning you benefited from the PDS?

“Working with the CPS” – is this some special relationship and do the CPS deal differently with the PDS than local firms?

“to provide coverage for clients in the absence of alternative coverage being available” – may I ask why alternative coverage was required – what learning was taken from this?

What do the points you keep making about the rationale for the establishment of the PDS really mean? What methods have you tested? Where are the results?

How can the PDS be a test bed when they do not operate in the same way as independent firms- this is simply nonsense! You can create an artificial supplier that is immune from policy changes, does not have to survive on the fees it generates and has protected capital funding. But this is simply not based in the real world or reality and it is an insult to pretend otherwise.

What learning has been drawn from the last seven or so years? Where are the reports or information?

How will the PDS manage a 17.5% cut in income? Perhaps you could share this insight with independent firms?

I am sorry but it seems to be a complete waste of time trying to get honest or coherent answers from the MoJ. I have learnt my lessons and won’t waste time responding to any future consultations.

It is a relief that I have resigned and won’t have to battle directly with the MoJ anymore but I am left seriously concerned about the future of our justice system.

Yours faithfully

Tim Collins

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