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If an issue is plaguing us it is surely having the same impact upon you.

So far today we have been notified of 2 LAA rejections

The first involves a bill £67 over the £2,500 assessment threshold. They have discretion to assess but have declined and rejected.

This will now require the preparation of a bill for detailed assessment by the Court. This carries a fee of £245 and we will be able to add in our costs at c. £70 per hour. The latter will be around £500 and is “cost neutral” to our clients. This is going to cost the fund, therefore, something in the range of an extra £700 – 800. We will not be exercising common sense in the preparation of such bills in future as it results in a “reject” being scored against our clients and indeed ourselves too.

In the other, a High Cost Case Plan matter, the plan identifies letters at an hourly rate of £36.90 for 10 rather than at a single item rate of £3.69. We prepared the bill in continuity with the former. It has now been rejected for not being prepared using the latter. There is, obviously, no difference to the total, final bill. We have all now just wasted each others time.

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  • Common sense and the Legal Aid Agency are definitely mutually exclusive. You could set up a separate blog dealing solely with the absurd rejections from the LAA. Good job they have the fixit unit.

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