Sun Song

Whatever else is currently catching my musical attention I always find myself drifting back to what is now loosely categorised as “Americana”. Consequently I fairly aggressively self-censor Friday Song choices, thinking I choose such stuff to the exclusion of everything else. On a review I find this concern to be entirely unfounded. Strangely I have posted no real “Americana” all year, which is completely disproportionate to my listening habits.

Predictably therefore 2 great and brand new options turn up in the same week – do they say the same about Nashville/Portland busses as they do of London’s?

Pleased as I am at the Civil Wars armistice and much as I like their CD it can’t compete with the first release from Laura Veirs forthcoming album “Warp & Weft”.

I think I saw her support The Decemberists once, she has certainly recorded with them, and this is just stunning

P.S. Two weeks to Grovestock

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