Why Bother?

The audit I am currently appealing has the lot.

Lets start with spelling mistakes. Now I am immensely liberal in this regard given my own frailties and usually these do not bother me. I am even less concerned about grammar – as regular readers will doubtless point out.

I start with them because if you have neither the time nor inclination to run an important audit report, written for a professional contractor, through a simple spell check, then this must be telling about other failings.

Why bother checking if you have quoted the relevant section of Contract for instance?
Who cares if the quote taken from guidance was relevant to the lifetime of the file?
Never waste time consulting a more experienced colleague, instead just make something up and say it so it sounds authoritative.
Laugh in the face of longstanding protocols, who cares about previous LAB and LSC practice, the LAA is a brave new world.

This is an old tune, I know, but the problem is lack of accountability – if auditors had to go argue this nonsense in front of a 3 Solicitor tribunal they would either be more careful in the first place or quickly learn. Thing is they know they have a reasonable shout at a risk free, perverse result, with no fear of personal embarrassment, on a paper only appeal.

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