Brick Wall

I am reading another negative LAA determination – this time regarding costs. We have provided chapter and verse, all fully referenced, and in some detail. They have rejected this in a single, short paragraph which refuses to engage with our arguments and quotes back some entirely irrelevant sections of guidance. This leaves the firm with litigation as the only available option – one they are probably not going to take.

The LAA author must know that his response is nonsense. He, or perhaps more pertinently management, also know that it is highly unlikely that they will ever have to defend it. They have however, knowingly and unreasonably, withheld a not insignificant sum of legitimate costs from a provider.

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2 comments on “Brick Wall

  • Don’t accept, respond, counteract their rejection and reiterate your arguments. Whilst I realise this can be a bit soul destroying: however, they seem to rely on firms just accepting what they say is “law” and if every firm challenged regularly them when they get it wrong they eventually might endeavour to get it right.

  • Agree – effectively already done all of that and reached the buffers. I fear concern about “getting it right” is not part of the current plan

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