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A Message from CLSA:

We understand there is to a debate on criminal legal aid at Westminster Hall on this Wednesday the 4th September. The timing is odd and we speculate that the junior Minister may announce some details of the consultation proposals (Grayling yet again avoids unpleasant confrontation from parliamentary colleagues). In any event our supporters in Parliament suggest that we do e mail our MP’s to attend the debate in order to keep up the pressure on HMG. There was also scheduled a separate ‘opposition day’ debate but this may be postponed until later after the consultation proposals have been considered to enable proper and full lobbying to take place.

The CLSA ask you without delay to e mail your MP’s or those you know to urge them to attend. You can find their e mail addresses here if you do not already have a more specific e mail address.

To download a copy of the suggested email go here

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