November Webinars

I am not doing Movember – I am doing 4 webinars instead.

1st November

Completing a CIV CLAIM 1A

We have had a number of requests for training on the completion of Claim 1A form – this is the result. Rather it is the short version of the course for those with a passing understanding of the fee schemes and FAS but who want practical billing guidance. It should also double as a “good practice” guide to help reduce rejections.

8th November

The Perfect File

There is, of course, no such thing however there are minimum standards, imposed by SQM and Contract, which all fee earners need to meet. Here we run through those requirements to help ensure compliance and to encourage efficiency. Essential for both new fee earners and file reviewers.

22nd November

Criminal Costs: Investigations and Crown

We covered Magistrates Court standard fees recently and here we complete the trilogy, covering investigations and the CCLF. The session will provide and introduction to the schemes for those new to billing or act as a refresher for those wanting to be sure that their knowledge is up to date.

29th November

The CLSA Session

Simon has again been asked to provide some training at the CLSA Annual Conference. For those unable to attend this years event here is a chance not to miss out on this short and swift summary of the pitfalls involved in day-to-day legal aid practice.

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