Fit for Purpose?

Once again I am walled in by files including a Peer Review appeal and one of the weirdest set of instructions I’ve ever received – and about which I cannot elaborate.

Equally strangely last week involved more client questions about the former than I have received in a long time, though I think I am forming a view as to why that might be. I also made the point at the CLSA conference that this scheme is now long past its sell by date. A Peer Reviewer confirmed to me afterwards that there has been none of the essential “consistency training” in, at least, the last 3 years somewhat supporting my point. If Peer Review was ever the “Gold Standard” they thought it was it definitely isn’t now. Why in the present climate are they wasting about a Grand a time on the whim of a Contract Manager, or worse, at random?

That is not going to save me from this pile of files however – although it probably should.

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