LASPO, Pro Bono & MPs

I would be entirely hypocritical of me to get picky about the work of Bar Pro Bono Unit – I understand the rationale of what they are doing. I also fully appreciate the motivations.

The recent scope reductions in Legal Aid have predictably seen an increase in referrals.

Interestingly there is a marked increase from MPs

They will not take the case where Legal Aid is available however this is hardly much of a filter anymore.

The last sentence of the Gazette story is interesting

A pilot scheme to provide a solicitor and barrister pro bono for those making interim applications in court 37 at the Royal Courts of Justice has become a permanent feature, he noted, and the Chancery and Family divisions are considering emulating the practice.

I can predict the understandable resistance to the following suggestion however here goes;

Why not bounce back any MP referral in an area recently removed from scope – particularly before making a “permanent feature” of pro bono representation in the Family division.

Personally I would automatically refuse any referral from a LASPO voting MP – you sort it out you cheeky *&^%$£@$.

Pro Bono legal representation may well be an entirely worthy activity however it is no substitute for access to justice.

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