Be Careful Out There

I remember reading this when it first appeared – I am also a happy owner of the book from which the extract is taken. As ever Crimeline ahead of the curve.

Here is the money quote – and I say money deliberately;

“Solicitors who therefore fail to apply for costs apportionment in appropriate cases open themselves up to civil claims”.

Yep you’ve guessed it we now have a client who has received a civil claim

As Mr K implies the 21-day deadline on these applications looks like being the killer.


Within 30 minutes of posting, and Tweeting, this I received and entirely unrelated call on the issue. This involved another firm placed in difficulties, however facing a more significant claim against them than our other clients. This seems to reinforce the importance of the issue and the title of this piece.

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  • Sirs,

    I am a barrister based at Fountain Chambers in Middlesbrough. I have given this subject a fair amount of thought and research of late. Always happy to help if required.

    01642 804040


    Tom Mitchell

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