Here We Go Again

We have a box of files on which a client asks us to respond to questions from the LAA . On the first file out, their auditor asks why the travel rate charged is different to that used on another matter for the same client. Er – this one was Duty Solicitor and charged as such, the other was Own Client. The question being asked despite the CRM 11 making this clear.

The auditor clearly does not understand the fee scheme she is supposed to be auditing.

As you know I am a grizzled old cynic and this sort of thing is not new. It should not shock me and yet it still does.


File 2 involves total confusion between Travel Time and Travel disbursements.

Next – complete misunderstanding of VAT on disbursements and CBAM regarding the need for receipts on travel expenses of less than £20.


Without doubt that is the least competent audit of the year and this has been a long year with a lot of audits.

It has wasted a significant amount of our client firm’s time and money and now an afternoon of ours.

It has also wasted a significant amount of public money and its value to the LAA is nil.

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