We start our annual Xmas office shutdown at teatime today and will be back on January 2nd. Don’t worry the the LAA tend to be less active over this period too. Fortunately this year is the first for a long time I have not had a planned break and whilst the mobile was never switched […]


Once again it is the last Friday before Xmas. We have covered pretty much all of the great Xmas songs over our blogging years. This is a lovely cover of the Joni Mitchell song from Tracy Thorn’s seasonal album “Tinsel and Lights”.  

Criminal Lawyers United 

The more we delve into this latest procurement round the more irrational it seems. You all know why so I will not repeat that now. We are doing one however and once again making a donation to the fighting fund.

Carry on Bidding 

Sorry folks, for obvious reasons, it is going to be pretty thin pickings here in the near future. So keep an eye out for something on the FAQ document when that is published.

This Is Yesterday 

The Manics’ “The Holy Bible”  is one of the darkest albums of all time, written in the months before Richey Edwards, who wrote most of the lyrics, disappeared. It is 20 years old and last night we saw it performed in full. This track is obviously poignant and was the only point at which any of […]

Farcical Aquatic Ceremony 

I know that reciting Monty Python sketches is more than a bit naff, but given the Crime provider demographic…. In Holy Grail, Arthur is challenged as to his democratic authority by 2 peasants: “Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.” This came forcibly to mind when considering […]

Hard Day At The Office 

Today has been one of those days where making progress felt like wading through treacle. The volume of bid round communication has been intense. This stopped me completing my first task of the day, 2 simple draft letters, until after lunch. Added to this the internet has been a disaster all day, it having taken […]

Modern Life 

Spent an hour in the company of these lovely, talented youngsters on Wednesday night. It was another of those events, featuring a faultless set, by a new-to-you artist, which leaves you enchanted. Then their 2 EPs proved the ideal antidote to the claustrophobia yesterday’s webinar had proved to be. There are loads more or their […]

One Eyed Jacks Are Wild Cards 

Forget our 2 webinars tomorrow and Friday here is a simple 2-minute summary of the 2015 Duty Contract Bid rules Remember “you can’t lead with a three”.

Easy to Miss 

On top of last weeks flash announcement to open the Duty Contract bid round amore planned parallel procurement round opened yesterday. It would be easy to miss this amongst the clamour created by the larger more controversial exercise. Those wishing to continue to deliver Actions Against the Police, Clinical Negligence and Public Law  will, however, […]