Rome is Burning Mr Hughes 

The paragraph you are looking for in this piece is probably this one; On cuts to legal aid, Hughes says he has been involved in shaping the final response on the MoJ planned cuts of £220m a year. “[The government’s decision] will be published before the end of the month,” he said. “There are some […]

Fly Boy Blue / Lunette 

Elbow are about to return with their follow up to “Build a Rocket Boys”, their only patchy release to date. I have listened to, and chosen this, rather than the single, “New York Morning” in the hope that this is more indicative of the album. (I wonder if “I Am Kloot” will get a Hat […]

The Only Winners 

Last night I drove home listening to the radio in the aftermath of William Roach’s acquittal. His statement that “in situations like these there are no winner” struck me as particularly measured in the circumstances. With the soap star understandably unavailable for further comment it fell to his “friends” to provide commentary. One of these, […]