Civil HCCPs – Free At JRS

That’s right we prepare Civil High Cost Case Plans for nowt – we claim our fees on the main bill.

Are you still doing them yourself, with all the attendant bother and lost fee earning time?

Give us a ring – it looks like a “no-brainer” to me.

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5 comments on “Civil HCCPs – Free At JRS

  • What! even the events based ones where no further bill is required only the signing of the case plan to certify that the work has been undertaken. 😉

  • Hi Anon,

    you will still need a Claim 1 preparing at the end of the case as your final bill, at JRS we would prepare the Claim 1 with the stages to date and disbursements at the time of preparing your plan. We would also prepare a POA 1 at the same time as your stages to date are claimable at the point that the case plan is agreed. We can then finalise your Claim 1 at the end of the case (or at any intermediate points as required with further POA 1’s).


    (JRS Costs Drafting Team)

    • Hi Graham

      Whilst costing is still required and CLAIM1s prepared for each stage of the “old style” hourly rate case plans, for events based case plans (and this is the way the LAA are moving for high cost cases) only pages 1. 2, 6 & 7 are required, with the agreed events based case plan itself forming the schedule of costs. Therefore no costing is required for these type of plans, all the solicitor has to do is sign the case plan to certify that the work has been undertaken. So all the “costing” work would involve is completing pages 1 and 2 entering the agreed disbursements on page 6 and inserting the total profit costs figure from the case plan into page 7. I’m sure not many solicitors would pay X% of the probably large profit costs for the case, for this small amount of administrative work.



  • When I have completed Events Led Claim 1’s in the past I have always completed Page 4 as a schedule of events, an entry for each event which is then carried forward to Page 7. I agree that many solicitors may wish to deal with events led plans themselves, however I disagree that events led is the way forward. The service we offer was aimed more at the traditional model.

    For many solicitors who wish to represent their client at court, events led plans leave them considerably out of pocket. I think it is very crucial that in these circumstances solicitors are not shunted onto the events led plan just for the sake of simplicity. I am aware that the VHCC Unit is being very difficult at the moment when agreeing traditional plans, it is hoped that the service that JRS is offering will help solicitors from being intimidated, whilst easing the burden of work.

  • Hi Graham

    Page 4s not required just the case plan signed.

    Whilst events based plans may not always be in the solicitor’s best interests, I fear it will be the Legal Aid Agency’s way forward, given their one size fits all mentality and their wish to pay a fixed fee (which they can chip away at) for everything.

    Our motto is never give an inch to the Legal Aid Agency and challenge them every time they are wrong and at present we only prepare events based case plans when it is more financially advantageous to a firm. That being said, the last six plans prepared have all been events based, with two being the new solicitor advocate events plans. For the two solicitor advocate plans, I had to check and recheck the figures, given the large difference between the profit costs on the two types of case plans (and I’m talking of £1000s) Not sure the Legal Aid Agency have got their figures right on these event plans (though it could be just be that the firms we prepare these plans for are more efficient).

    Keep up the good fight with the LAA



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