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We are fighting over £1.90. To be fair that is £1.90 a single journey so £3.80 a day. In total then, if the advocate goes to Court every working day of the year, that’s about a grand.

The £1.90 in question is the difference between a taxi fare and the cost of public transport between a client’s office and Court. This journey includes a final 15-minute walk as there is not a direct route. Yes you’ve guessed it the LAA think they should use the latter – or perhaps even take the 40-mins needed to walk it in full, at no cost.

Now there are going to be days when public transport is not practical – volume of files, the weather for the final walk, and so on. Also there are going to be times when 2 or more advocates travel and the taxi saves the fund at least 20p, perhaps more.

From here on in though we are going to have to provide a journey-by-journey justification for this – still without any guarantee of payment/delay.

If I am correct about this, they seem to be a little more cavalier when it is them spending “hard working tax payers money”.

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