Journey to the Centre of the E-Portal

The Mental Health and Community Care tenders will open on 20th February and run for a month. If you wish to renew or gain one of these contracts you will need bid in that window.

To date only limited information is available and it seems that the most important document the Information for Applicants (IFA) will be available from the above date.

As ever we will be offering a comprehensive range of support around the process including, bid completion and checking services. We will finalise the fixed fees for this once we can evaluate how much work is involved. If you would like to reserve some JRS time please contact us now.

We will also be providing comprehensive training on 2 consecutive Fridays, 28th February and the 7th March. You can book a place now.
This will cover the aforementioned IFA and contain a virtual trip around the e-portal – the software on which you will have to make your bid.

For those who have not as yet undertaken an external SQM audit, or have Lexcel as an alternative, it is almost certain this will be required, probably by Contract start date in August. If you are in this situation you might want to have an early conversation with Andy and the fieldwork team.

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