The E-Portal Opens

The Mental Health/Community Care (also being called 2014 face-to-face contracts) has now opened – best part of a week late. It is not clear what occasioned the delay and certainly there does not seem, superficially, to be any significant, unexpected changes brought about by further consideration of the consultation responses.

The key date is Noon, 25th March – all bids must be made by then.

We will be reviewing all the documentation this morning and will communicate any important findings. Likewise those wanting assistance we will be able to see what is available here too.

Don’t forget the webinar on the topic on Friday – which I now have considerably less time to prepare. Such is life.


This is both a little more complicated than previous bids, plus the PQQ, on the e-portal, is certainly more fiddly. So if you want a direct hand in completing your bid or getting it checking after you have submitted it – give us a ring – prices are genuinely not prohibitive.

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