International Lexcellence 

We have been sitting on this for a little while now. We are delighted to announce that the in-house legal team at Dubai’s largest telecommunications firm have become the first ever recipient of Lexcel in the UEA. This is some achievement not least because in-house departments and Lexcel are not quite a snug fit. Why […]

Polite Observation 

It is not really for me to comment on the decisions of the Criminal Bar. Their internal debate has already begun. If this decision is based on the dual hope of a change of government after the next election to one which will pledge to reverse legal aid cuts, is strikes me as both over […]

Libraries Gave us Power 

Please indulge me. Today is quite a big day in my household as it marks Mrs SP leaving work. Last night I spent a lovely evening in the company of fantastic, committed and hardworking people grafting at the frontline of service provision to the most needy. Sorry let me rephrase that, public sector do-gooders and […]