Not A Grower

Are you familiar with the concept of a “grower”? A song or an album you do not like at first but which over a period of time, and a number of listens, you come to love.

Is there a name for the reverse process – something you do not like at first and the more you encounter it the more you dislike it?

If there is, that is what I am experiencing with regard to the MoJ’s “Next Steps” proposals on Criminal Legal Aid. The more I look at it, the deeper I read the underlying “research”, the angrier it makes me. I am also certain that this is not just me; when you hear a former Tory MP wondering if Grayling is a sociopath and accusing him of lying, stealing and cheating you know how base these proposals are.

I am therefore standing by my original position and not dignifying them with a detailed response. Our hopes are with those taking action on the basis that they have correctly identified the existential threat to justice they pose.

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