Anyone Got A Name for This Type of Thing?

To all reasonable people this article is sad news. That it was avoidable makes it much worse.

There are many things about the application of the LAA “policy” on novation I would like to, but cannot, say. What I will say is that their most recently published version* says noting close to:

‘Our policy is that, unless all debts and liabilities are taken over by the firm taking over the contract, our starting point is to refuse the transfer.’

Contract, unsurprisingly, says even less – both in specific and in general.

Apparently a “draft” policy is in preparation and is with TLS before publication.

All of this however too late for the 55 made redundant.

*and just in case someone at the LAA comes back with “that policy is in relation to 2012 Civil Contracts”, we have plenty of experience of it being cited re 2010 Criminal Contract novations.

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