Bidding on my Mind

Had a busy morning followed by a long drive south yesterday and could not make time for a blog post.

The current Mental Health bid round and the proposals for crime are pretty central to my working world at the moment. One involves live practical activity with a deadline next Tuesday the other a wide degree of speculation – particularly with regard to Duty Contracts.

We have been fairly quiet about the Crime proposals. There are a number of reasons for this.

The profession is still considering what to do and our hopes are with all those hoping it will be possible to make the MoJ see sense.

The level of detail provided to date makes it difficult to offer anything but vague advice.

Given these factors we do not feel it appropriate to be offering our services just yet.

That said we are obviously discussing these issues with our retained clients and as ever talking to all those who want us to share our thoughts with them. I am doing just that over the next couple of days.

If you think such a conversation would help clarify your thinking please pick up the phone – as ever this is free.

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