Bid Round Update 

Entirely predictably you will all have a message alert from Bravo Solutions. This is simply notification of a number of drafting amendments, correcting (some but not all) mistakes in V.1 of the IFA. None are substantive and they will not require you to make any changes to a previously submitted PQQ. Expect a repeat of […]

Into The Portal 

The sun glinted, fleetingly, on its copper dome and then it was gone, only its slender lifelines piercing the cold, dark waves as it slowly descended in to the deep. The small crowd on deck gave an involuntary shudder and turned for their cabins. What would a month cocooned in that tiny diving bell, miles […]

2015 Own Client Crime Contracts 

The e-portal for this bid round is now open and you have until 23rd May to make submit a PQQ. This is undoubtedly the simplest of these exercises to date and should not be beyond the capabilities of each and every one of you. That said we have still been bombarded with requests to both […]

Service Announcement 

It is a little know fact* that the idea for the TV series “Grumpy Old Men” germinated due to a chance encounter between its’ producer and yours truly, in a north London pub.  Those who have met me will confirm this to be true – well the “grumpy old man” bit at least Under the […]

Crime Bid Webinars 

The Tender for 2015 Own Client Crime Contracts opens tomorrow. All potential bidders will need to understand the Information For Applicants (IFA), other supporting documentation and familiarize themselves with the Bravo Solutions e-portal. There is a month in which to make your bid. As ever we intend to run a series of supporting webinars to […]

Hi Y’all 

Well I am back from the Southern Louisiana with a couple of days before I have to go back down the e-portal.   As you are no doubt aware the Own Client stage of this years Crime procurement round is due to start on Friday this week. (I say “due to” because, as veterans of […]

2015 Crime Tender – Management Information Packs 

The LAA have today published Management Information Packs for organisations interested in applying for a new 2015 crime contract.

Procurement Process for Criminal Legal Aid opens on 25th April 2014 

The latest news from Legal Aid Agency regarding the Procurement Process has just been announced.

2015 Crime Tender Information Packs 

The LAA have announced they are to produce a 2015 Crime Tender Information Pack week commencing 14th April 2014. Further details can be found here

Ramblers Association 

Remember this and the 10 mile local travel radius? We have a Civil appeal on this starting out and would encourage everyone to have a go. This is even more compelling in Crime. You can have our short, generic arguments for the price of an e-mail.