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It is a little know fact* that the idea for the TV series “Grumpy Old Men” germinated due to a chance encounter between its’ producer and yours truly, in a north London pub.  Those who have met me will confirm this to be true – well the “grumpy old man” bit at least

Under the weight of the month long Crime 2015 Own Client Contract bids round a comparison to “12 Angry Men” – the full dozen – is however likely to prove more accurate.

This then is a plea for your understanding and perseverance as I, and possibly a couple of others of the gang, get lowered, in a diving bell, into the depths of the e-portal. We are going to be more difficult than usual to contact and when you get through are likely to be in a hurry and a bit short tempered.

Bare with us it’s nothing personal.

*not a fact

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