I am never quite sure how to approach news of this sort. Helen is leaving JRS at the end of the month and we are going to miss her, I imagine many of you will too.

On the other hand she is making a bold career switch and a geographical move of considerable distance. You cannot help but get infected by the excitement and enthusiasm this involves.

Her time with us coincided with the largest round of retrospective cost audits of the last decade. Helen has patiently and diligently reviewed, and appealed, many hundreds of files saving client firms many thousands of pounds. This can be soul-destroying work – I know because I do it too – and yet she has come through undiminished, if a little more belligerent. The office swear box is also going to suffer.

I am equally sure that you would like to join in and wish her well, adventurous moves deserve reward.

Helen, all the best and thanks, from all at JRS.

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